Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming back from hiatus

I'm back folks from a brief break.

Life sometimes rears it's head and has to take priority.  So that's how things have been around here, please forgive me.  My dedication to bringing great food ideas to you has not changed, but the break was needed.

Bringing you up to speed:

What happened to the sourdough starter?  Day 2, the cat knocked the jar down to the floor.  Igor is in the trash I'm afraid.

The absolute essentials part II blog is almost done, I just need to add a little to finish it off.

I was getting ready to write a week's worth of blogs about rice, finishing with some important information about Food for the Poor.  But then the earthquake in Japan happened and all of the events that it spawned.  I have promised that I will write about the plight of Haiti, and I will, but I didn't want the message to be drowned out.

Sharon has another Guest blog ready in the wings, too.

My daughter is getting ready to graduate!!! Yippie!!!  So expect some great themed stuff there too.

Toastmasters has been gearing up too - A big HELLO to everyone from Toastmasters!

So we'll be back to the food shortly!  Thank you for your patience!

So until next time, here's wishing you peace, love, and hollandaise sauce!

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