Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am at a crossroads.

Photo credit: Jonathan Billinger
Over the next few days and weeks I will be forced to make decisions about my life and future that I thought I had already made.  This is America in the 21st century, so I shouldn't be surprised.  There is no stability.

House of Cards
Photo credit: Paula Guinto

The economy is forcing changes in many areas and I am seeing it first hand.

Really it isn't bad news.  I have worked hard and will be paying off my mortgage, so no matter what happens I have provided a roof over the heads of my family.  Even if the WORST case scenario happens (which I think I may be legally bound against mentioning) I will still be able to pay off my car and I still teach at the local community college.

Photo Credit: Rebuild Lakeshore

Anxiety is the issue.  Which direction do I go now?  Who can I trust?  Do I follow my heart?  Do I follow my dreams, and if so at what cost?  Do I try to take the stable safe path, when I'm not sure that it's so stable and safe?

Does is matter what color my parachute is when I'm landing in a minefield?

Photo Credit: hmerinomx

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Nicole said...

Deep breath, and look to the future. It's trying times, definitely. And feeling powerless is the worst. We're just trying to keep our heads and make smart choices. Strength and luck to you! And wisdom!