Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blitz Post #7: INTERVENTION CON recap

Where do I begin?  This weekend was a blast!  Intervention Con really was my best con experience ever, hands down.  As a “panel junkie”, I was over whelmed:

  • Creative Marketing 101
  • How to Survive as a Writer in the Business of Webcomics, Comics and Other Visual Media
  • Juggling Geek Life and Parenting
  • For the Love of Cartoons
  • There Is A Line-Handling potentially offensive topics in webcomics
  • How to find the Doctor throughout Time and Space

The Charity Auction to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation was really funny (human trafficking is funny?)

But what was the highlight for me?  It was the amazing artists/vendor room.  Over the past several years I have made several friends in webcomics, people like the amazing Chris Flick, who have given me advice and help.  Intervention introduced me to a number or other wonderful artists who worked with me and spent time with me.  They talked to me as a FELLOW ARTIST, not just some shlub they wanted to sell a book to.  I learned so much!  I also spent more than I ever have because of it.

I want to send special shout outs to: 

Onezumi Hartstein – http://www.onezumi.com/  -  Oni puts on one HELL of a great show! I am clearing my calendar for August 2013!

Matt Blum – the Managing editor of the Geek Dad blog over at Wired.com who handled with grace and style my case of being star struck (I have all 3 of the Geek Dad books)

Elaine Corvidae (Riven Sol) – either I am stalking them, or they are stalking me.  I've seen them in Wilkesboro, Charlotte, and now Intervention.

Travis Surber (Hainted Holler) – a fellow resident of Appalachia, we swapped stories and marketing ideas.  Funny stuff!

Tony DiGerolamo (Super Frat)-Wow, just wow.  Tony was probably the most successful writer in the room!  With credits including the Simpsons, he was extremely approachable and fielded lots of questions.  He also was on a ton of panels.

Check out his vlog:

(psst... I make a brief cameo at 4:06)

Megami Jadeheart – You spent a half hour working with me, talking about light, and shadow, and many other things.  Your art is phenomenal and I was truly awestruck!  Check out Annie!

Danielle Corsetto – a.k.a. The PRO! Girls with Slingshots.  Danielle, this is your day job and you do what I think everyone is striving to do.  I really appreciate the work you’ve done and a big thank you for the future cameo.

Alfredo Torres – I need to add you to my Zombie Survival Kit, which is remarkably shaped like a TARDIS.  In all seriousness, having a fellow parent (or parental unit) to discuss the trials and tribulations of this geek life and Aspie kids is very important.  Go subscribe to his podcast at http://www.torresvszombies.com/

Ben McCormick - "Reality Amuck", "Playing Doctor Podcast" – Your panels were great, but then we got to talk Sunday afternoon.  Being able to discuss our common issues as parents and the possibility of future projects based on this is exciting.

Chris Flick - Capes-N-Babes, Web Comics Alliance Podcast.  Damn.  Where can I start?  Chris, thanks for answering my questions over the past several weeks.  You have been generous with your time and your talent.  Plus you put up with my hovering around too, that takes serious patience!  And a huge thanks for the artwork too!  I’m hunting frames now.  

I’m also looking forward to talking more with you, Ben, and Al and maybe some future projects.

Folks, if you are not reading these strips, start NOW.  If you are not listening to these podcasts, subscribe TODAY.

Finally I have a couple of announcements...

My first web comic is in pre production.  Scripts are being written, panels are being drawn, and software is being installed.  The new website is purchased but not up, but the email is running.  You can now reach me at Denis@CoffeeBruin.com

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