Friday, July 26, 2013

The Crossover Blog Post

Richard Belzer rocks the world
Faithful followers of food and art - this is a crossover post.  By "Crossover" I don't mean a Crossover SUV, or a crossover pass; I'm talking about a crossover blog post.  Today's post will be in both My Taste Of The Day and Coffee Bruin!

There have been plenty of great crossovers.  I remember when the show Homicide, Life on the Street crossed over with Law and Order.  (In fact, that's why Detective Munch is now on Law and Order SVU.)

So why the crossover and what are we going to do?  Over the past few years, I have had THOUSANDS of you read My Taste Of The Day and many of you have shared your ideas and requests.  I want to keep catering to you and continue to give you content while I build up readership with content, comics, and art at Coffee Bruin.  THESE ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE GOALS!

Presenting the great Cookbook Challenge!

Here's the plan:  I am looking for comments with 2 - 3 ingredients but NOT RECIPES!  Think Iron Chef.  If I choose your comment for the challenge I will develop a recipe from your ingredients, draw cover art for the recipe, and include it in a forth-coming cookbook. If I can get 25-30 comments, I'll start a Kickstarter campaign to get this published and all of the included commenters will get a hard copy of the cookbook if it is successful.  Stretch goal?  I'll make videos of some of these recipes and post them on YouTube.

There you have it folks Art meets Food.  So let's get this Bear drawing and Cooking!

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Judybelle said...

Very cool idea!! Good luck with your cookbook. I will let my brain simmer for a while and let you know if I come up with an interesting ingredients challenge for ya. I have been meaning to visit your blog again for quite some time. I need to print your recipe for brown bag popcorn. :-)