Friday, July 26, 2013

The Crossover Blog Post

Richard Belzer rocks the world
Faithful followers of food and art - this is a crossover post.  By "Crossover" I don't mean a Crossover SUV, or a crossover pass; I'm talking about a crossover blog post.  Today's post will be in both My Taste Of The Day and Coffee Bruin!

There have been plenty of great crossovers.  I remember when the show Homicide, Life on the Street crossed over with Law and Order.  (In fact, that's why Detective Munch is now on Law and Order SVU.)

So why the crossover and what are we going to do?  Over the past few years, I have had THOUSANDS of you read My Taste Of The Day and many of you have shared your ideas and requests.  I want to keep catering to you and continue to give you content while I build up readership with content, comics, and art at Coffee Bruin.  THESE ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE GOALS!

Presenting the great Cookbook Challenge!

Here's the plan:  I am looking for comments with 2 - 3 ingredients but NOT RECIPES!  Think Iron Chef.  If I choose your comment for the challenge I will develop a recipe from your ingredients, draw cover art for the recipe, and include it in a forth-coming cookbook. If I can get 25-30 comments, I'll start a Kickstarter campaign to get this published and all of the included commenters will get a hard copy of the cookbook if it is successful.  Stretch goal?  I'll make videos of some of these recipes and post them on YouTube.

There you have it folks Art meets Food.  So let's get this Bear drawing and Cooking!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A short update and some WONDERFUL NEWS

Faithful followers,

I have had a rough few months, losing my job and trying to transition into a new life.  I have had the love and support of my wife and family and I couldn't have done this without them.  I have not forgotten about you and will be updating as I reorganize my web presence.   So there is no recipe today.

But don't pout, don't fret, I have exciting wonderful news.

My daughter got engaged this evening!!!  Yes this is the same daughter that helped me bring you Wuthering Heights with a Side of Bacon.

Her boyfriend is a wonderful guy who I've seen grow up over the last several years, he's a hard worker, he puts her on a pedestal, and together they have big plans for the future.  I am so excited for them!

So until next time, I wish you Peace, Love, and Hollandaise Sauce.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blitz Post #8: Have I abandoned my readers?

Short answer: NO!

As you may have noticed, I have not done a long form post in a while.  Rest assured they will be coming back.  Life has a funny way of making me very busy.

There have been a few of changes around here.  First, I've updated the logo, let me know what you think.

Second I have a new SECOND blog at COFFEEBRUIN.COM  That's right, the Coffee Bruin blog is live!  The web comic goes live 1/1/2013.  I was finding that I was spending so much time on webcomics and drawing that it needed its own blog.

Third, I am still writing this blog.  In fact I have about 6 articles in the pipeline.  The one I was working on this evening got sidetracked when I finally finished the new logo.  The next post, "The Italian Feast" is coming.  It is a major post, not a Blitz Post.  I am editing it and selecting graphics and these things take time.  This week is going to be very busy for me.  I have a major project at work that I have to complete, a Toastmasters convention, a possible snow event, and all of the normal stuff with life.

Wow, can you pack any more excuses in a paragraph?
So you crazy, wonderful people out there that have stuck with me over time, thank you. Until next time my friends, I wish you peace, love, and Hollandaise sauce!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blitz Post #7: INTERVENTION CON recap

Where do I begin?  This weekend was a blast!  Intervention Con really was my best con experience ever, hands down.  As a “panel junkie”, I was over whelmed:

  • Creative Marketing 101
  • How to Survive as a Writer in the Business of Webcomics, Comics and Other Visual Media
  • Juggling Geek Life and Parenting
  • For the Love of Cartoons
  • There Is A Line-Handling potentially offensive topics in webcomics
  • How to find the Doctor throughout Time and Space

The Charity Auction to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation was really funny (human trafficking is funny?)

But what was the highlight for me?  It was the amazing artists/vendor room.  Over the past several years I have made several friends in webcomics, people like the amazing Chris Flick, who have given me advice and help.  Intervention introduced me to a number or other wonderful artists who worked with me and spent time with me.  They talked to me as a FELLOW ARTIST, not just some shlub they wanted to sell a book to.  I learned so much!  I also spent more than I ever have because of it.

I want to send special shout outs to: 

Onezumi Hartstein –  -  Oni puts on one HELL of a great show! I am clearing my calendar for August 2013!

Matt Blum – the Managing editor of the Geek Dad blog over at who handled with grace and style my case of being star struck (I have all 3 of the Geek Dad books)

Elaine Corvidae (Riven Sol) – either I am stalking them, or they are stalking me.  I've seen them in Wilkesboro, Charlotte, and now Intervention.

Travis Surber (Hainted Holler) – a fellow resident of Appalachia, we swapped stories and marketing ideas.  Funny stuff!

Tony DiGerolamo (Super Frat)-Wow, just wow.  Tony was probably the most successful writer in the room!  With credits including the Simpsons, he was extremely approachable and fielded lots of questions.  He also was on a ton of panels.

Check out his vlog:

(psst... I make a brief cameo at 4:06)

Megami Jadeheart – You spent a half hour working with me, talking about light, and shadow, and many other things.  Your art is phenomenal and I was truly awestruck!  Check out Annie!

Danielle Corsetto – a.k.a. The PRO! Girls with Slingshots.  Danielle, this is your day job and you do what I think everyone is striving to do.  I really appreciate the work you’ve done and a big thank you for the future cameo.

Alfredo Torres – I need to add you to my Zombie Survival Kit, which is remarkably shaped like a TARDIS.  In all seriousness, having a fellow parent (or parental unit) to discuss the trials and tribulations of this geek life and Aspie kids is very important.  Go subscribe to his podcast at

Ben McCormick - "Reality Amuck", "Playing Doctor Podcast" – Your panels were great, but then we got to talk Sunday afternoon.  Being able to discuss our common issues as parents and the possibility of future projects based on this is exciting.

Chris Flick - Capes-N-Babes, Web Comics Alliance Podcast.  Damn.  Where can I start?  Chris, thanks for answering my questions over the past several weeks.  You have been generous with your time and your talent.  Plus you put up with my hovering around too, that takes serious patience!  And a huge thanks for the artwork too!  I’m hunting frames now.  

I’m also looking forward to talking more with you, Ben, and Al and maybe some future projects.

Folks, if you are not reading these strips, start NOW.  If you are not listening to these podcasts, subscribe TODAY.

Finally I have a couple of announcements...

My first web comic is in pre production.  Scripts are being written, panels are being drawn, and software is being installed.  The new website is purchased but not up, but the email is running.  You can now reach me at

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blitz Post #6: Thinking Sideways in the Corporate World

*A safe place to fail.

We should always strive to succeed in everything we do, every day.  But at the same time, it is good to know the culture of the American workplace is beginning to embrace the spirit of THINKING SIDEWAYS.  If we are in constant fear of trying things in a new way, we will never innovate, we will never grow, and we will never expand.  We will stagnate and die in the sea of sameness.

*Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and EVOLVE!

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  Thomas Edison is a great example of someone that personifies this idea. Every time you try a new idea, you learn from that experience.  Be courageous, because your new idea may be the one that saves the sale, or streamlines the process, or fixes the issue.

*Get involved! Do something creative!

"Gee, all of this sounds great, but I have no ideas."
"I don't want to rock the boat"
Corporate America has realized you can’t keep doing the same things the same way and has begun to embrace a culture of change.  But if YOU are still afraid, start outside of work.  There are some great hobbies and organizations you can get involved with.  Get creative and try new things.  Do things that challenge your status quo.

Consider becoming part of the Maker movement.  Repurpose old items, take apart broken equipment, learn what makes thing work.  Will you be the next great inventor?  Maybe not, but you may learn why something works, why it doesn't, and why MAKING A CHANGE MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Look into your local or corporate Toastmasters Club.  I joined the Wilkes Toastmasters two years ago.  Toastmasters is a group where it truly is A SAFE PLACE TO FAIL.   Toastmasters Clubs are very supportive, offering a friendly professional environment to improve your leadership skills through public speaking.  Every meeting includes evaluation which gives all members the opportunity to improve.

Download GeoCaching software onto your smartphone.  What is GeoCaching?  It is a FREE, real world GPS treasure hunt.  Using your smart phone's GPS, you can IMPROVE YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS by trying to locate hidden containers all around the world.  This is great alone or with a family as you get to explore the world around you.  GeoCaches usually have a logbook for you to sign and often have little prizes for you to swap. (GET REWARDED!)

Those are just three things you can do outside of work to help you motivate yourself to evolve and help your company to EVOLVE!

-Denis Lachapelle, ACB, CL

And until next time my friends, when I will try to bring you some really cool recipes of been stock piling, I wish you peace, love, and Hollandaise sauce!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Blitz Post #5: Live Long and Prosper

I have a passion for public speaking.  Or, maybe I just like the sound of my own voice.  Either way, I am a member of the Wilkes Toastmasters club.  We meet every Thursday at 6PM at the Addison Inn in Wilkesboro, NC. Please check out our website:  We'd all love for you to join us!

Every week our meetings have a theme.  Tonight's theme was, "Star Trek".  Star Trek is a pretty gutsy call if you are not sure of your audience.  To start off with, many people still roll their eyes and laugh at you if you make the odd "Spock" or "Captain Kirk" reference, to say nothing of DS9, Voyager, the Borg, the Dominion, Quark, "Q", Holo-decks, 10-forward, Jefferies Tubes, mind melds, and Orion slave-girls.  However, if you can pull off Star Trek, and do it well, Star Trek has a lot to teach us.

What does public speaking have to do with Star Trek?

At Toastmasters we like to say it's a safe place to fail!  But seriously, There are several key points you can learn about making a good presentation from the Starfleet Captains:(1)
  • Make an Impact
  • Do no Harm
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Entertain a flair for the Dramatic
  • Engage... [your Audience]
  • [Seek action and commitment] ...and make it so
  • You will return to the Alpha Quadrant someday [this, too, shall pass]
  • You canna break the laws of physics! [the equipment WILL break]
  • The Away Teams [first ones to a situation] take the most risks and get the most praise
  • The Red-shirt dies first [Be a permanent and contributing member of the team.]
  • When presenting as a team, use everyone’s strengths to your advantage
  • Maintain your Ethics
  • Dress appropriate to your audience
  • Keep your phasers on “stun” [Be prepared for difficult situations.]
  • Boldly go where no one has gone before [Challenge yourself and be the one in front.]
What can we learn about leadership from Star Trek?

This boils down to which Captain you prefer.  Do you like Kirk's style: a shoot-from-the-hip, cocksure, arrogance, that would cheat death and cut corners but never violate his principles?  Do you prefer Picard's style: aloof, administrative, and over-analytical.  Taking a more positive viewpoint, both captains earned loyalty and trust from their crew by being 100% committed to the crew and their mission.

There are several key elements that you can take away: (2)

Never Stop Learning
Have Advisors with Different World Views
Be Part of the "Away Team"
Play Poker, not Chess
Blow up the Enterprise [Do whatever it takes to forge a new path that is fulfilling.]

But what about tonight's meeting?

Tonight was FUN!  Joyce was our Toastmaster and she did an excellent job of weaving the theme through the entire meeting.  Many of the members who had roles, and some of the speakers, even incorporated the theme.  Our word of the day was "Prosper", and all three of our Table Topic questions had a Star Trek theme to them.

Joyce also provided refreshments, in the spirit of the day - it was Green.

If you enjoy Star Trek, and Science Fiction in general, and you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area you may want to check out the new Galaxy Toastmasters club.  Galaxy Toastmasters is unique from other Toastmasters clubs in that this club is a science fiction, science fact & fantasy themed club.

For Information: OR
Phone: 289-696-3167

If you haven't checked out Toastmaster's head out out to the Toastmaster's International website to find a club that meets near you

Finally, thank you to my followers who have been patiently waiting for my return.  I have been here, but a new position at work has forced me to temporarily reallocate some resources.  There will be more blogging to come.  I have a major project to come and I'm counting on YOUR help!

Until next time, I wish you peace, love, and Hollandaise sauce!


(2) About Leadership and Lessons from Star Trek;