Monday, January 17, 2011

A short post - written while riding home

Today's post is very short. I want to say thank you to some people who have given me the inspiration to build this blog. Today, we have 500 page views!  That's a small milestone, but it's one I didn't think we would hit until the end of January.

Phyllis, you have put up with my manic ideas and pace. You have been patient with "yet another" project. You have also given me some great ideas and proven, once again, we are a great team.

Alex, Daddy's been at it again, yet you've played along and had fun with it. You've helped to edit and provided ideas AND labor on my projects.

Grey, you are the source of my inspiration. We frustrate each other because we are very much like each other. You will be a great chef someday.

Andrew, welcome aboard as my newly hired "Head Media Relations Intern". You've had a baptism by fire over the last few weeks. You're a natural in the kitchen and you have some great instincts for helping to grow viewability on-line. Plus, you've been open minded and been willing to try new foods and when you haven't liked something (e.g. Goya Ginger Beer) you explained your reason articulately.

Brit, you and your free spirit are now over in Australia. Before you left though you reminded me to be artistic and to smile. I guess you knew one causes the other. That gave me the kick in the pants to get this started

Richard, yes Mr. "Smirk", even though we've only commented on each other's blogs a handful of times, you've made me realize that if I write about what I know, and I am myself, people will read what I write. I enjoy your writing and your writing style. Thanks for your inspiration.

There are number of you out there that have offered advice, encouragement, and ideas, and I know that I am leaving some you out but thanks to Katerina Fury, EVERYONE at Pendant Audio, Leah Bumgarner, Everyone at Department 18, The whole Cookout Crew, Derek and Molly for letting me play in their kitchen, Randy and Dawn for letting me play in their kitchen, Sharon for playing in my Kitchen and visa versa, and then there's Gracie. What's one more event, huh? One more wedding?

To everyone: Thank you.

My goal over the next few months will be to continue to update daily. I have several great blogs in the works, but the big ones take time.

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on:

  • Meet Igor...
  • What you should be listening to #4: .........
  • 100 things you should eat before you die #6
  • Top Movies of all time #25
  • Variations on a theme: Eggs Benedict and the uses of Hollandaise Sauce

and speaking of... Here's wishing you Peace, Love, and Hollandaise Sauce!
(P.S. BlackBerry entry means no pictures today, sorry folks)

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